Life in the Talent Acquisition team is just like a roller coaster. At the frontlines of almost everything we do at is our recruiting team. From finding awesome talent to promoting our unique culture, they’re an essential part of our growth in all the right ways.

I came to…

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People are searching for new career opportunities even when they are still satisfied with their current jobs. There are no right or wrong when making changes in your career trajectory as long as you are fully aware of your own stimuli, cause-effect of your choice.

When you first started your career life, you might hear advice on how to treat your co-worker in the office. Some may come from the internet, others may come from seniors who are your friends as they already experienced the working life. Lots of keywords may also be saved to…

We have spent the last six long weeks doing resume reviews, setting up competency tests and different interviews between the Line Manager and prospective candidates, for several open Developers and Engineer roles. Finally, we found the most suitable ones and their first day is just around the corner.

Photo By Alice — Prague, Czech Republic

Personally, we…

Alice Pham

Perspectives on the future of work

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